Mesotherapy is a technique focused on shaping the figure locally, well established with proven results. It consists of the administration of lipolitic substances, a custom cocktail. Applied by intradermal injections in the affected area, according to dissolve the fat, this trechnique reduces volume. In addition, it is possible to activate the lymphatic and blood circulation, helping to eliminate fluids and toxins. It can be applied to any area of the body except the chest and is usually applied to the buttocks, abdomen and thighs. The treatment is also effective for treating cellulite, because it activates circulation and reaffirms the tissues.

Timing: 15-20 minutes

Results Appearance: 3rd-4th session

Number of sessions: 4-6 minimum


In the treatment of mesotherapy, injections are made with small needles in diameter and length. They do not hurt, because are usually injected very superficial with a little amount of medication.


      • Which are Mesotherapy secondary effects?

Mainly, Mesotherapy effects are trivial and limited in time. Small hematomas can occur in treated areas, but are temporary and painless, they disappear after 24-72 hours. Also can appear an erythema (a red area in the skin), a phisiological secondary effect due to the injections puncture and, in occasions, it is an indicator that the technique is succesfully working. In conclusion, applying good principles of basic asepsis and the correct technique o puncture, secondary effects are reduced and most of them do not appear.

      • Do I have to take caution before a Mesotherapy session?

It is recommended that before a cellulite Mesotherapy session, avoid shaving and epilate legs, since that causes a red reaction in the skin that makes it more sensitive. Furthermore, it is not recommended before the session to spread cream on the area to apply the treatment, it will be slidly and some little cuts could be caused by the needle when introducing it in the skin.

After a Mesotherapy session it is not recommended sunbathing or exposing to extreme temperatures. Avoid: sauna, gym, beach, pool…

      • How many sessions are necessary to achieve the goal? 

Obviously, it depens on the pathology to treat. For cellulite, 4-6 sessions (once per week) are need as a shock treatment, followed by 4 more sessions with 15 days frequency.

      • A maintenance is necessary?

It is very recommended. In case of pain pathology, there should be a sessionat the same time as seasonal changes and as much sessions as the patient need due to the worsen (generally no more than 3-4 session per year are need).

Again in the particular case of cellulite, after the shock treatment, at least one session per month during 6 months is necessary.

      • In case of wishing to lose located fat in a concrete area, do I have to diet while the Mesotherapy treatment?

It is recommended for two reasons:

– A balanced diet, lightly hypocaloric and correctly nutritional, will help fat nodes and cellulite to no evolve to more advanced status.

– In general, fat accumulation is proportionally linked to impropered diethetic habits.

In fact, good nutritional habits will help us to achieve better results.

      • If I suffer a desease (hypertension, diabetis mellitus, colesterol…), can I be treated with Mesoteraphy?

Yes, while the doctor who will apply the treatment have researched about the suposed pathologies and know which meds are most appropiate to treat them.

      • … and what about if I am pregnant?

During pregnancy there exist so much meds which could damage the fetus. That is why the specialized mesotherapist must know which substance can be injected and which no. Anyway, there is increasingly a trend to use homeopathy to treat some patholigies with Mesoteraphy and these do not cause secondary effects in pregnant women. Anyway, this technique shoul be applied with caution in pregnancy.

      • In cellulite case, is it possible to cause rebound effect?

The rebound effect is when fat comes around after achieving our desired goal when we finsih a treatment. In case of cellulite treated with Mesoteraphy, as long as the treatment will be acomppanied by a suitable technique and measures, it do not occur. However, hormonal factors, lifestyle habits, diethetic excess and a not maintenance by the patient, can decrease the results in time. But, as you can see, these circumstances can change. Anyway, Mesotherapy is proven as the most efficient treatment to fight cellulite.

      • If I inject myself to fight cellulite, do I will lose weight?

Not necessary. The whole weight is the sum of all human body structure. There is no doubt: more fat, more weight. But when we attack cellulite, we are acting localy for 3 goals:

Better appearance of the skin (we treat the famous orange peel effect)

– Turn on peripheral circulation and lymphatic drainage, in order to get a better appearance of the spider veins caused by toxins retention.

Decrease volume on the area we are treating (buttocks, abdomen, thighs…)